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Hi I am proud to announce that my Epic Fantasy Romance "The Cross of Tarlis" has been picked up by Secret Cravings Publishing and will be  out around March 2015. 

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Hi I am very proud to say my new M/M short has been released . The first I have written. This

 about my 7th publication with secret cravings publishing.

Links to buy are below if you would like to give it a try 

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If you would like to WIN a pdf. copy of" Elanessë" please go to my BLOG at and answer these three questions. and I will pick a winner and contact them the next day.

You have to join my Blog and leave your email to be eligible. The prize is a free pdf. copy of my new book.

1. Whose body does the sorcerer Istani inhabit? Found in the Blurb which is about the book.

2.What are they searching for, answer found in the review.

3. What do the Knights of Paladia receive on the day of their investiture? Answer found in the excerpt.


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Elanessë :- September 19th 2013 Release! Print in Dec.2013

What if sorcerers had been real? What if magick had existed and there had been a massive cover-up?

A world is ravaged by a war of demons and sorcery that no human can combat. Rastehm is on the verge of destruction. Silverdawn, daughter of Mikkasah, born to the magick.

Mikkasah is forced to send his daughter into the unknown future of the 20th century Australia, where she grows to maturity and moves to London with her adopted parents. She has no knowledge of her origins nor that she holds the key to the safety or destruction of both her new world and her old. Until one night, she is stalked by a lion and a griffin, and cast into an adventure that will change her life   A dark knight becomes her savoir.Faren Malaan, Knight of Paladia of the Kingdom of Rastehm, is sent forward in time to track and retrieve the Crystal Pyramid. Mikkasah's Astronomers have learned that the pyramid, which shifts through the portals of time, is cracked. And if not restored Isanti's demons may soon escape.Through sheer luck Istani was not imprisoned by the Goddess Deharna. He also travels through time. However, he must body hop, taking over the bodies of innocents and casting them aside when he has done with them. But this time Istani is trapped in the body he inhabits. The sickly, weak body of Peter Waymer. His only escape from the cancer eating away at him is to find the Pyramid , release his demons and have them in turn heal him. With one thought in mind after his release, to wreak destruction upon mankind!The fate of two worlds rests in the fading skills of Pendragon former mage to the king, a banished Princess of Rastehm and a Knight of Paladia who combats his own demons. These three heroes, and the three people they meet along the way, must join forces to restore the Crystal Pyramid to Deharna, and battle the tormented mind of Iraj who will stop at nothing to gain his prize.A mixture of Celtic Mythology, Romance, Dark Fantasy, and Time Travel    


Elanessë by Julie A. D’Arcy 

In a slightly different kind of urban fantasy, Julie D’Arcy’s Elanessë takes the reader back and forth between modern London and the mythical medieval world of Rastehm, from where many of our culture’s ‘heroes’ supposedly emerged.Elanessë, Rastehm’s infant princess, is exiled to our world because of her magical abilities, but when she grows up, her life is endangered by the fact that she carries the key to unlocking the prison which contains the evil hordes of Iraj of Istani (who escaped into exile when his minions were defeated).
Faren, most trusted Paladian Knight of Rastehm, is sent across the dimensional border to save Elanessë and retrieve the key before it falls into Iraj’s hands. Naturally, Elanessë and Faren fall for each other, but there are obstacles to their relationship that both must conquer, and the ever-present threat of Iraj makes their coming together all the more difficult.
The quest to claim the key and each other gains momentum throughout the book and the overpowering scent of evil propels the book to a wonderful climax.
For those who love a fairytale-like battle between good and evil, liberally sprinkled with romance, this book should be added to their list. Julie A. D’Arcy brings the chivalry of medieval adventures into the modern world with a deft and easy to read style.

Romance – 8
Characterisation – 9
Sexual tension – 8
Plot - 9

Jennifer Brassel
Book Reviewer



She watched him, silent, bemused, her breath coming in short, sharp gasps. Aching for him to come to her, aching for him to fill her as no man ever had.

He rose and, in the muted light of the bed lamp and the dying embers of the fire,  his hands went to the fastening of his jeans. 
He flicked open the top button and their eyes met. He paused, running his gaze over her body then cursed loudly and swung toward the window, threading a hand through his hair. “I am sorry. I cannot do this.” His voice came like the crack of a whip in the silence.
Elanessë turned onto her side, her face flushed. She reached for his raw silk shirt and pressed the dark cloth against her breasts. “Was it something I did?”

He turned to look at her. Her skin was so fair, so beautiful, against the ebony of his shirt. The sight of her distressed face made his heart weep—a fair rose he had almost defiled.

She looked from his gaze, unable to meet the blueness of his eyes now circumstances had changed. “I was too forward? Is it because I allowed you to do that? I know I am probably different from the women you have known…” She left the sentence hanging.

Faren hurried to kneel before her, framing her face in his hands. He pushed her damp tousled hair back from her cheeks. “Never think that. You are perfect. It is I. I feel nothing but loathing for my own weakness. I made a promise to myself, which I have now broken. I should never have let this go so far. I am but a Knight in your father’s court. You are the Princess of Rastehm, perhaps one day to be queen. Your father means too much to me for me to besmirch his daughter.”

“And I mean too little to you to love,” she said, tears glistening in her eyes.

He wiped the tears away with his thumb then released her and rose to move to the window. He stared into the night. Funny how the brilliance of the stars reflected none of the pain that he felt.The sharp claw of desire clutched at his gut. He was so hard with the wanting of this woman, he thought he would burst. Yet he could not bring himself to take her. As much as his mind and body screamed to do so, his head told him it would go against all his teachings as a Knight of Paladia. “I know little of love, Elanessë. I have never had time for matters of the heart. I am but a rough soldier. I do not know if I understand what love is.”

Elanessë donned his shirt, which came just below her thighs, and rose to follow him. Her arms snaked about his waist; she pressed her cheek to the hard warmth of his skin. “Then, Sir Knight, I shall teach you.” She felt a tremor run through his body as her breasts pressed against his back.

He stepped away, deliberately putting distance between them, and turned to face her. “Perhaps, but you are still who you are, and I am who I am.”

Elanessë felt her heart clench. What could she say to stop his words of rejection? Stop him from walking out of this room and never touching her again. Even the thought was too painful to contemplate. “And never the twain shall meet?” she asked softly, almost flippantly, while the knife pain in her breast twisted a little more. “What of Guinevere and Lancelot?”

“And to what end did they come?” he countered dryly. “He a monk and she a nun.”

“You don’t know that for certain.”

Faren raised a dark brow. “If I could change the proof I would, but to refute the truth is akin to holding back the waning of the moon.” He gave a bow and reached for her hand, bringing it to his lips.

The gesture seemed to Elanessë only to distance them more, slotting her neatly into her place—princess to his knight, far beyond his reach.“You are a stubborn man, Faren Malaan.”

“Goodnight, princess.” He rounded to stride to the door.

Elanessë found her voice as he reached for the handle. “One question.”

He stilled but did not turn.

“Does the dragon tattoo bear any significance?”

Faren glanced down at the red dragon that scaled his arm from elbow to shoulder then turned, his gaze locking on Elanessë. “All Knights of Paladia receive the dragon on the day of our investiture. It is our insignia.” He pulled the door wide.

“And are damsels not sacrificed to temper the dragons?”

“Not this time, my lady, not this time,” he said, not turning as he pulled the door closed behind him.

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 15th MARCH

Night's Eternal Promise


Vincent followed the young woman up the concrete steps of her apartment building and stood behind her as she jiggled the key in the lock of the glass security door.
What was he doing here? He crossed his arms over his chest and regarded her in the reflection of the glass. What would he do if she glanced up and caught note that his reflection did not fall in behind her? Why was that he wondered, not for a first time? Was it because he had no soul? Was our reflection really the true face of our soul staring back at us? He shook himself from his mournful thoughts and stared down at the perfect pale arch of the girl’s slender neck, beckoning for his attention. His gums tingled. The sweet perfume of her slim young body, singing an age-old tune to him. She was so small, so frail. So easily he could break her. Nonetheless, he knew he wouldn’t. Already, his emotions were running deeper than intended. The woman called to him, like a siren’s song. Sweet, alluring, her blood would be like honey on his tongue, but the taste of her mouth would be even sweeter, as would the arch of her body against his. He felt a stirring in his loins, kindling a flame in his belly, which he thought long dead with the death of his wife. He knew he should leave, go now, never see her again. Yet, knew he would not. But, he could not help thinking of what happened to people when he got too close. He looked down at her small white hands fiddling with the lock. Those people died. 
“Got it.” She glanced over her shoulder with a tentative smile. “The lock is old and has a tendency to stick. Sorry ‘bout that.”
He gave her a strained smile of his own. It was, how did that song go? Now or never. She pushed open the door and preceded him inside, and he stepped into the foyer after her.
Swiftly they climbed the two flights of stairs and walked down a narrow hallway. Vincent could have made the journey in a fraction of the time had he swept her into his arms and traveled at his normal pace, but unfortunately that was out of the question.
 He counted three doors before she stopped, once more producing her bunch of keys. They seemed almost too large for her small hand.
“Would you like me to do that?” He reached for the keys.
She handed them to him and moved aside. “I seem all thumbs tonight.” She smiled.
He fit the key to the door, pushed it open, switched on the light around the corner, and allowed her to enter. When he did not follow, she turned, a frown marring her lovely face.
“I thought you were coming in?”
“Do you wish me to?”
“I thought that was understood. You were going to have some wine, listen to Bach.” She sounded agitated.
“Then you must ask me.”
 Again, she frowned. “I thought… Is this some kind of joke?” She took off her jacket and held it to her chest almost defensively. “If you don’t want to come in just say so.”
He pushed his hands into his coat pockets and looked into her dark olive green eyes. He knew she was annoyed, but how could he explain that a vampire could not enter a dwelling unless he was invited. He remained silent, seeing a gambit of emotions cross her face.
 “Very well.” She sighed. “Would you like to come in?”
 He released a heavy breath, stepped into the room, and shut the door behind him. Well, he was here. Now what? A young woman had never invited him home before, this was all new territory.
She tossed her jacket onto the lounge and crossed the carpet to switch on the heating. “Have a seat while I get something for this headache. I’ll just be a moment.” She disappeared through a door on the left. He heard her rummaging in a drawer in what must have been the kitchen, the clink of a glass and the running of water.
He had a feeling she was angry with him.
He didn’t really care. He could make her forget he ever existed and leave in the blink of an eye, but she interested him, so he would stay awhile. It had been long since he’d shared company with a woman, and she had promised him Bach.

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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop


As part of The Next Big Thing Blog Hop, I was tagged by Cornelia Amira in her post last week. The purpose of this hop is to introduce readers to writers and works that might be unfamiliar. This includes new releases or Works in Progress (WIP).  This is week 30 of the hop.

According to the rules of the hop, I will be answering the same questions as every other blogger on the hop about either my newest release or my WIP and then I’ve tagged Tabbitha Shay who will do the same thing in her blog next Wednesday, 01/22/13.

What is the working title of your book?
Elven Magick  was my last full length novel released 06 November, 2012. And came 10th out of around 70 entries in the 2012 P&R Awards. For best fantasy romance.

What genre does your book fall under?

Fantasy/Romance with elements of witchcraft.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Orlando Bloom to play Vellandril, and not sure about Johden, but the only person who comes to mind is the young blonde haired girl that played Meg in the first series of Supernatural. Sorry I do not know her name.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Can a trust betrayed be regained?

What is the longer synopsis of your book?
Twenty one years has passed since the Dark Priest Narokah was defeated and condemned to the Fiery Abyss.
The Sword of Niraz has been stolen and Vellandril Ballindoch sets out on a quest, which will lead to his past, the woman he betrayed and never ceased wanting, and a son he did not know existed.
After forsaking her past and gaining the title of First Knight to the Dragon King, Johden de Danann is forced to undertake a quest with a man she swore never to forgive, but never stopped loving.
Gabrienne Ballindoch, despised by his people and called Kessa; halfbreed, follows his mother on a quest to find the murderer of his best friend and discovers instead a father he thought dead, and the daughter of his father’s enemy. The woman he was destined to love.

Morganna le Mordah; cold, heartless, ruthless and beautiful; promised by her father to his henchman in repayment for soldiers and fealty, must choose between loyalty to a father who dotes on her, and the love of a man who is prophesized to lead to her doom.
Again Gola-Dah is under threat. Wiliame le Mordah, has sworn revenge for the murder of his brother and the loss of his inheritance, and with the help of his sorceress mother, an Elven enchantress, and a magic sword, he is on the path to achieving it. Treachery, betrayal, adventure and action, a magical world of Elves and romance combine to bring forth the exciting conclusion to a tale that began with “The Dragon and the Rose” and finishes with happily ever after—for some.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
The publisher of this book is Secret Cravings Publishing. I have several other books with them, Whisper of Yesterday a Ghost/Historical/Reincarnation/witchcraft Novel as well as a prequel To Elven Magick, titled The Dragon and the Rose, and a Novella /Fantasy Romance, Face of a Stranger.  My new release late Feb. 2013 is a vampire novel, titled Night's Eternal Promise.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Elven Magick is a full length novel of around 110,000words and it took me roughly around 9 months to write.  

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
After writing and completing The Dragon and the Rose, I enjoyed my secondary characters, Johden and Vellandril so much I just knew they had to have their own book. I did not reckon with the course which the book took. As it took on a life of its own and just about wrote itself. I felt as if I were just a character pushing the computer keysJ My daughter Errin also inspired me in the way Gabriene’s character should grow.

What else might pique the reader’s interest?

Elven Magick is a follow up novel to The Dragon and the Rose, but it can stand alone as well. It is a fast paced novel for female and male readers alike. I holds enough action and a touch of violence to hold the interest of the male readers, and plenty of hot romance to satisfy my female readers. Also Morgana le Mordah is not your typical heroine, and throughout the book she keeps you guessing which side she will ultimately end up on. Good or evil.
 You can read excerpts from both these books at